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UMass Chan Pediatric Residency Program

Worcester, MA

Beach Run

Michael Fahey, MD

Program Director

Monick Powell

Program Coordinator

  • 30 bed inpatient pediatric unit

  • 10 bed pediatric intensive care unit

  • 49 bed neonatal intensive care unit

  • Pediatric Emergency Department with ~28,000 visits/year

  • Only Level 1 Trauma Center and Level 3 NICU in Central Massachusetts

  • 8 categorical pediatrics residents and 4 med-peds residents per year

  • Pediatric Fellowships offered at UMass: Pediatric Health Equity, Pediatric Global Health, Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Neonatology/Perinatology


Worcester MA is the second-largest urban center in New England. Located in the center of Massachusetts, it is also situated within a large surrounding rural area, offering a unique blend of exposure to urban and rural medicine. We serve a diverse population from an ethnic, socioeconomic, and religious perspective. Worcester is a vibrant community home to several undergraduate schools with a multitude of restaurants, pubs, breweries, music venues, cafes, etc. Easy access to surrounding natural resources, mountains, lakes and streams. 1.5 hours to VT/NH, 2 hours to Cape Cod, 3 hours to NYC.

  • 13 blocks per year

  • PGY1: 3 WARDS, 1 ED, 1 NICU, 1 NBN, 1 primary care, 1 ADOL, 1 DBP, 2 Electives, 1 PC, 1 PICU PREP

  • PGY2: 2 WARDS, 3 Elective, 2 PICU, 1 NICU, 2 ED, 1 Surgery, 1 primary care, 1 night float

  • PGY3: 2-3 ED, 1-2 WARDS, 1-2 PICU, 1-2 night float, 1 PC, 7 electives

  • Clinic: weekly full day clinic (elective, adolescent, NBN, DBP), Wards (2 full clinic days), NICU (3 half day clinics), ED (3 half day clinics), PICU (3 half day clinics)

  • Clinician Educator Curriculum

  • Woo Insider: offers residents a resource for expectations, objectives, and extensive learning materials for each rotation

  • Weekly Schedule

  • Monday: rotating conferences including QI, journal club, trauma curriculum, narrative medicine, health equity curriculum, palliative care, global health, M&M

  • Tuesday Core Conference weekly from 730a-9a: 18 month rotating curriculum on core topics in pediatrics

  • Wednesday/Thursday 8a-9a: morning report

  • Friday: grand rounds weekly from 8a-9a

  • Senior block conference (monthly from 130-430p): discussing various topics applicable to seniors

  • Intern block conference (monthly from 130-430p): discussing various topics applicable to interns

  • Robust involvement of residents in the Departments Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee

  • Quarterly resident-led Health Equity Rounds (departmental, CME activity)

  • Offer stipends for visiting URiM students doing pediatric rotations

  • Summer learning opportunities for visiting URiM students following 1st year

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