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Loma Linda University Children's Hospital

Loma Linda, CA

Janice Tsai, MD

Program Director

Chrissy Roland

Program Coordinator

  • Free-standing children's hospital with a university affiliation caring for 1.2 million children, 364-bed hospital, level 1 trauma with highest level NICU (84 bed)/PICU (67 bed with CCICU)

  • High-acuity, high-volume referral center, large program with a small program feel

  • More autonomy due to fewer fellowships

  • Continuity clinic site is FQHC

  • Transport calls for PICU

  • Wellness emphasis: peds and GME groups, paid membership to Drayson Center rec facility incl for spouses, puppies and pizza, opt-out EAP appointments, concierge appt scheduling

  • Categorical 23 per class, primary care track 4 per class, med/peds 4 per class, child neuro 1 per class.

  • In-house fellowships: PEM, NICU, PICU, prev med, forensics, palliative (graduates ~50% fellowship, 50% gen peds)

  • Global health electives: Malawi, Guam

  • Loma Linda Uniersity Children's Hospital

  • Riverside University Health System

  • 36 blocks (includes 4 electives/selectives + 2 flex months tailored to career goals)

  • Supplemental optional advocacy curriculum track

  • Morning (resident-led) and noon didactics (faculty-led) daily on an 18 month cycle based off ABP content specifications

  • Board review curriculum

  • Mostly night shift (24hr calls only in hem/onc, weekends for wards)

  • DIME (Diversify, Include, Mentor, Educate). - PROUD (Pediatricians Reading Outloud about Diversity) - Pathway/pipeline programs

  • Educational curriculum (Health Equity Rounds, gender-affirming care, DIME grand rounds, etc)

  • Partnership with campus groups (SNMA, LGBTQIA groups on campus)

  • Funding for UIM MS IV sub-Is -

  • Current residents self-identified as 30% Caucasian, 49% Asian, 10% Hispanic, 9% Black/African American, 2% Native American



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