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U of U Pediatrics

Salt Lake City, UT

Bruce Herman, MD

Program Director

Tasha Falero & Talena Manley

Program Coordinator

  • 29 East Coast, 21 Central, 37 West Coast

  • Our schedules are done on an X+Y format. With 3 weeks per rotation followed by 1 week clinic and curriculum activities.

  • 40% Private Practice, 31% Fellowship, and 30% Academic

  • Explore our 5 National Parks, 14 Ski Resorts, 45 museums. Quick access to hikes, restaurants


104 residents

  • Population 1.2 mil in Salt Lake County

  • X +Y schedule

  • We stand in support of our LGBTQIA+ community. We commit to actively combatting discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity. As a residency program, we know work is needed. We will take concrete actions to right injustice that affects patient care. In addition, we will strive to create an inclusive environment and promote the well-being of our LGBTQIA+ residents, fellows, faculty, and staff. To achieve this essential goal, we will work with the University of Utah School of Medicine Office of Health Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion. This will include the following: Educate about LGBTQIA+ person-centered and gender affirming care, including cultural humility within our curriculum Ensure that every resident participates in our Gender Management & Support (GEMs) clinic during their Adolescent rotation Foster inclusive, safe spaces for resident for residents: Hold regular discussions on well-being and clinical care needs at Antiracism Working Group meetings and Cultivating Compassionate Community noon conferences Provide University of Utah-approved All Inclusive Block U pins for staff



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