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Valley Children's Healthcare

Madera, CA

Vini Vijayan, MD

Program Director

Jackie Greene

Program Coordinator

  • Valley Children’s is a 330-bed free-standing children’s hospital in Central California

  • We serve 1.3 million children over 13 counties and are the only healthcare network in the Central Valley dedicated to caring exclusively for children.

  • Designated as a healthcare professional shortage area

  • Opportunities for advocacy for children of the Central Valley and beyond

  • Resident work-life balance and wellness programs • Emphasis on Diversity, Inclusion and Equity San Joaquin Valley is home to nearly 4 million people. The area is culturally diverse, with more than 70 ethnicities and 105 languages represented.

  • Number of residents: 14 residents per year

  • Available Tracks:

  • Primary Care and Advocacy

  • Academic Medicine and Leadership Main Clinical Sites:

  • Valley Children’s Hospital

  • Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford

  • Situated off Highway 41 just north of Fresno, Valley Children’s Hospital is less than 30 minutes from a number of communities. • Low cost of living and affordable housing • Opportunities for outdoor adventure. • From bicycling and hiking trails, to golf courses and waterparks, the Valley offers just about every activity for the nature or exercise enthusiast. Nearby lakes provide boating recreation, while white water rafting expeditions offer a different kind of water sport. Neighboring downhill and cross country ski resorts provide winter fun.

  • Downtown Fresno’s new outdoor skating rink has become a recent favorite for families. • And if you want to explore out of town, our centralized location means you’ll be just a few hours from the world’s most popular vacation destinations, including Yosemite National Park, San Francisco, Monterey/Carmel, Napa Valley, Santa Barbara and Los Angeles

  • 13 blocks of 4 weeks

  • Continuity clinic at Fresno Children’s

  • Academic Half Day

  • Resident Wellbeing

  • Bimonthly Resident Diversity meetings to discuss cultural celebrations, RDC sponsored events, discussion on ways to combat issues for URM, open forum for discussions

  • Diversity advocates for each post-graduate class Academic Advancement

  • Resident Diversity Education Curriculum

  • Noon conference didactics around issues of diversity, including LGBTQ health disparities, Racial/Ethnic Health Disparities, cultural celebrations

  • Faculty development for mentoring and supporting diverse trainees Resident Mentoring

  • Faculty-resident mentorship on holding hospital wide diversity, equity, and inclusion events Community Outreach/Recruitment

  • Cutler-Orosi Doctor’s Academy lectures/ orientation events 

  • Volunteer activities including vaccination clinics • Instagram Stories Heritage Highlights



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